Nevada Stallion Stakes & Elko County Fair Stock Horse Contest

Nevada Stallion Stakes & Elko CO NRCHA Show Information:

2017 dates: AUGUST 25, 26 & 27, 2017

Stallion Nomination Form
2016 Stallion Stakes results

Elko County Fair Stockhorse Contest Information:



ECF Stockhorse Book 2016

Cow Pony Relay Race entry form
Stockhorse Entry Form
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Home Arts

Be sure and download the 2016 Exhibitors Letter for time saving tips, 2016 changes, and a Home Arts schedule.

Quilting, Sewing and Flowers exhibitors - be advised... there have been significant changes to the class structure this year.  Check the Premium List!

We will begin paying out premiums as early as possible, in order to provide you with pocket money as you go to the Fair!  Check back in to the Home Arts department on Saturday to pick up your winnings.

The 2016 Elko County Fair Premium List is available online by clicking here.  


All Other Competitions

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